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Well what can I say... My name is Dan Oxborrow, I'm 32 and originally from Salisbury in Wiltshire. I lived there all my life with the sights and sounds of Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. In 2007 I moved up to Wolverhampton.
I go by my middle name Dan rather than my first name Sean...

What once there was...

I started my long life of education at Bishop Wordsworth Grammar School. Where I completed my GCSE's and started my A-Levels. After a year of doing A-level subjects I didn't really enjoy that much (Maths, Biology & Physics) I moved onto Salisbury College where I took a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies. This course was to be the foundation for the rest of my education as I learnt about all different aspects of computing including my forte, programming.
After finishing college with good grades I applied to Bournemouth University in Dorset. I began my first year at Uni on another Computer Studies course which after a year I decided was not the type of computing I wanted to do.. C and 68K Assembly language did not appeal to me and I found myself looking for a new course to move to. I found Business Communication Systems and promptly requested to start that course for a further 4 years of education :-)
I spent the next 4 years making new friends and learning new things which will probably be of no use in the real world :-) I spent my placement year at Intel Corporation in Swindon which I really enjoyed.
I graduated from Uni with a 2i.

What is now...

I am currently employed by a company in Wolverhampton called Simcorp Coric UK LImited. They specialise in Document Warehouse and Client Reporting software for the financial Sector.

What oneday will be...

For a good few years I see myself working my way up the ranks to a position with some good responsibility... hopefully... :-)
I hope one day to run my own business in some respect, either consultancy or web development, to allow me to work for myself and make lots of money :)