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DrisleyLand was a website created during a group project module in my 2nd year at Bournemouth University. Myself and 3 other people from my course had to investigate, design and build a website that would be used in a theme park resort called DrisleyLand.

Initially we investigated what current touchscreen systems exist and paid a visit to West Quay in Southampton to discuss their touchscreen information systems they using the shopping centre.

From the information we gained we were able to produce an interface that would be very user-friendly. This interface was also created to be used on a touchscreen. The buttons are enlarged so that the average size finger/thumb could press them easily. The information contained on each page is also tailored to be short and ideally no longer than the size of the screen so users would not have to scroll down.

I did the entire build for this project based on a PHP and MySQL architecture.

The other members of my group concentrated on the design and development documentation.

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