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When I first joined Equipos, I was tasked with finding an issue in the business that needed solving.

I found that at that time, the company had to way to collating and storing information about candidates other than in a big filing cabinet.

Working with HR, I produced an application which would store candidates details, hold their CV, allow notes to be made for the candidate, and allow a user to schedule in an interview which was than automatically added to the work exchange calendar.



Summary Screen

All candidates in the system appear on this screen. There are filters on the right hand side which allows the user to reduce the list to just the candidates they are interested in.

There is a search function which allows the user to find any candidates in the system that match entered text.


Candidate Details

All the details for a candidate are stored. Including a copy of their electronic CV and information on each interview they have attended.

Pro's and Con's can be added to both the candidate as a whole and to the individual interview.



When a candidate has an interview, all the relevant interview information can be entered. If they have undertaken a specific test then this can be added and their score entered as well. Notes can be made about the interview if required.

When an interview is added, and the diary is selected. The application will automatically make a booking into the room diary and invite the two interviewers to the meeting as well. Thus saving time overall.