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SIDS stands for Student Information Distribution System. The main aim of my dissertation was to create a system that would help to deliver information to students faster than the current methods. This meant that the system would work in a pro-active way rather than a reactive way. By this I mean that the system finds out if there are any new lecture notes, course material or notes from the lecturers, rather than relying on the student to have to actively seek out this information themselves.

The system is a client/server system using C#.NET as a code base for the client application, which then connects to a MySQL server where all the information is secured.

The system supports secure multiple users as a username and password are required to access any information.


"The unification of data sources for all course material will allow the information to be disseminated to students more efficiently."




I create the interface to be secure and easy to use. The system requires the user to login using their university username and password. No information is available until the user is successfully logged in.

SIDS - Logged In

SIDS - User logged in

Your Details: Once a user has logged in they will be shown information confirming their name, the course they are on and the year they are in. This allows a student to check they are getting the right files. If they are down as being in the wrong year of course then they can contact an admin to have their information updated.

Logon Summary: This section shows the last time the user logged into the system and how many new files have been added since that time.

Session Summary: This section shows the time at which the user logged into the system and when the next scan for files will be. The update time was set to an interval of 10 minutes. If any new files are found while the user is logged in then the 'New Session Files' field is updated to show this.

SIDS - Course Files

SIDS - Course Files

The two combo boxes at the top of this tab allow the user to select the unit and the type of file they wish to look for. The relevant files from their course and year and then displayed.
By clicking on each of the files the user can get more information about the file, such as the proper file name, description and the date it was uploaded. The user also has the ability to click a hotlink which links directly to the file itself.

SIDS - Popup

SIDS - Balloon Popup

If the user is logged into the SIDS system but has it minimised to the system tray and a lecturer uploads and releases a file then SIDS will inform the user. This popup is created as a result of the update check which is performed every 10 minutes.